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Veg. Biryani Recipe Selvel Global Bringing to you the aromas of Hyderabad, here’s Veg. Biryani recipe just for you!


Popular in Hyderabad, Biryani has become a trademark delicacy for weddings, birthday parties and all such occasions. Authentically speaking, Biryani had layers of marinated meat with rice. However, the vegetarian population of India has adapted it into a vegetarian delicacy that has vegetables, caramelized onions, spices and herbs. The cooking procedure might seem long, but it is all worth the efforts, with deliciousness eluding from each bite.


  1. 3 to 4 tbsp oil or desi ghee
  2. 50 ml hot milk
  3. 8 to 10 saffron or kesar
  4. 1 tbsp rose water
  5. 1 tbsp keora water
  6. 5 to 6 tbsp oil
  7. 1 medium bay leaf or tej patta
  8. 4 green cardamom
  9. 4 cloves
  10. 2 inch cinnamon
  11. 1 black cardamom 2 tsp cumin seed
  12. 2 to 3 medium size onion [sliced]
  13. 3 green chili [sliced vertically]
  14. 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
  15. 3 to 4 tbsp thick yogurt curd
  16. 2 to 3 tbsp pudina leaves [optional] 
  17. 3 to 4 tbsp coriander leaves
  18. 2 tsp biryani masala powder
  19. 1/4 tsp turmeric powder
  20. 2 tsp kashmiri red chilli powder
  21. salt to taste
  22. 1 medium size carrots [diced]
  23. 1 medium size capsicum [cubed]
  24. 3 tbsp french beans [chopped]
  25. 3 tbsp green peas
  26. 12 to 15 boiled soya chunks [chopped] 
  27. 4 to 5 boiled potatoes [cut into two pieces]


  1. 1.5-2 It water
  2. 2 to 3 tbsp Salt
  3. 4 to 5 green cardamom
  4. 3 to 4 cloves
  5. 1 black cardamom 2 inch cinnamon
  6. 1 tbsp cumin seed 1 mace or javitri
  7. 1 tbsp rose water
  8. 1 tbsp keora water
  9. 1 tbsp oil


  1. If you want to get the best out of your dish, make sure to use good quality basmati rice. Take some rice in a large bowl then pour water, wash and soak them up to 30 min.
  2. Now, boil a couple of soya beans and potatoes before we begin.
  3. Shred and chop the soya chunks into small pieces and peel the potatoes for later use.
  4. Next, let’s cook the veggies. Pour oil in a deep bottom pot or pan.
  5. Then toss in whole spices including green cardamom, black cardamom, clove, bay leaf, cinnamon, cumin seed and saute for some time.
  6. After that add sliced onions and saute them on medium flame until the onions turn to a slight golden brown colour.
  7. Furthermore, add green chili, ginger-garlic paste and saute it on medium to low flame until the raw smell of ginger garlic completely disappears.
  8. Now add diced carrots, cubed capsicum and chopped french beans. Saute this on a medium flame for up to 2 to 3 min.
  9. Then add boiled soya beans and toss it around with the other veggies for another minute on medium flame.
  10. Mix boiled potatoes and green peas and gently mix this with the gravy for another minute or two.
  11. Pour some water and then add Kashmiri red chili powder turmeric and salt to taste. Cook for another 2 to 3 minutes on medium flame.
  12. Then, mix some hung curd or yogurt in this gravy.
  13. Furthermore, pour more water and simmer this gravy for another 2 to 3 minutes.
  14. Now let’s get to cooking the rice! 
  15. Pour water in a deep pan and add salt, clove, green cardamom, black cardamom, mace, cumin seed, oil, a little drop of rose water and kewra water to enhances the flavor..
  16. Once the water comes to a boil, add soaked rice.
  17. Cook the rice up to 70%. You can check the rice by pressing in your fingers.
  18. When the rice is 70% cooked, drain the excess water from the rice and cook them for some time.
  19. Now let’s cook the Biryani. 
  20. Spread oil or ghee in the bottom of the handi. Then, spread the first layer of boiled rice at the bottom of the handi. 
  21. Next place the gravy over the rice layer.
  22. Sprinkle some chopped coriander leaves, pudina leaves on gravy.
  23. Now, spread the second layer of rice over this biryani gravy.
  24. Also, pour kesar milk, rose water, kewra water and desi ghee over it.
  25. Additionally sprinkle chopped coriander leaves and pudina over top of the rice layer.
  26. Finally, cover the handi with foil paper and cook the veg biryani in 2-3 minutes high flame and 15 minutes on low flame.
  27. Don't open the handi for a further 20 minutes. If you want to avoid direct heat of biryani you can place the handi over a tawa.
  28. If you want to make veg biryani in cooker then just do all of the above things like a similar pot method.
  29. Now cover the pressure cooker with a lid and cook on a medium flame for 1 whistle. 
  30. After 3 to 4 minutes release the pressure using a spatula.
  31. When the Biryani is ready, carefully open the lid and fluff the rice from one side with a sharp spatula. Your delicious Biryani is now ready to be served with some raita!
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In the Veg Biryani recipe, rice is partially cooked in boiling water and then drained but in Veg. Pulao preparation rice absorbed stock of vegetable gravy.

Besides, thick yoghurt and powder spices which we use while cooking biryani are not used while making pulao.

But as they say, what’s in a name! This Veg. Biryani recipe is a real treat for your tastebuds. Do give it a shot!

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